Corporate Amicus: March 2024

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has on 15 March 2024 issued an advisory on use and deployment of artificial intelligence tools. The advisory subsumes a previous advisory dated 1 March 2024 on this subject.

Corporate Amicus: February 2024

The article in this issue of Corporate Amicus dives deep into the understanding of certain key actors engaged in the processing of personal data – Data Fiduciaries and Data Processors.

Corporate Amicus: January 2024

Section 454 of the Companies Act, 2013 authorises the Registrar of Companies to impose penalties against any non-compliance or default committed by the company, officer who is in default or any other person as the case may be.

Corporate Amicus: December 2023

Dark Patterns are deceptive web or UI designs or patterns used in web-based or mobile-based platforms, intended to manipulate or trick the decision of a consumer by deceiving them to do something that is determinantal to his interest.

Corporate Amicus: November 2023

The RBI has recently issued a new regulatory framework for Payment Aggregators of Cross Border Transactions, which brings all entities facilitating cross-border payment transactions for import and export of goods and services under direct regulation of the RBI.

Corporate Amicus: October 2023

The article analyses the impact of Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023 on processing of employee data by businesses for a variety of purposes, including performance assessment, extending various benefits, payroll, legal compliance and occasionally to safeguard employer’s interests.

Corporate Amicus: September 2023

The article in this issue of Corporate Amicus discusses laws relating to termination of employees and workmen in India. It summarises various requirements under the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 and the Industrial Employment (Standing Orders)...

Corporate Amicus: August 2023

The article in this issue of Corporate Amicus discusses elaborately the implications of the new Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023 for the financial entities and the fin-tech sector. It, in this regard, discusses topics like, meeting consent and notice requirements; interplay with sectoral regulations; legitimate purposes for processing;

Corporate Amicus: July 2023

Withdrawal of corporate insolvency proceeding even prior to formation of committee of creditors

Corporate Amicus: June 2023

Revival of the Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process (‘CIRP’) proceedings refers to the restoration of the already withdrawn CIRP by a creditor which generally happens upon the breach of the settlement agreement pursuant to which the application for CIRP also gets withdrawn.