Conference on Infrastructure Finance in India

十二月 2016

India Infrastructure Group is organising its 7th annual conference on Infrastructure Finance in India on 14 December 2016 in Mumbai.

This conference will focus on recent trends and developments in various sources of infrastructure financing, highlight the challenges, examine the new funding sources and instruments, and discuss the way forward.

Some of the topics to be covered during different sessions in this conference are:
  • Commercial Banks, NBFCs and PFIs - Lenders Perspective
  • Focus on Bond Financing
  • Focus on InVITS
  • Infrastructure Debt Funds
  • Financing through ECBs
  • Private Equity Perspective
  • New Initiatives: NIIF, NDB, AIIF
  • New Funding Sources: Insurance funds, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds

More information is available in the website of India Infrastructure.