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Harnessing IP for strategic competitiveness

Assocham is organising an international conference on Intellectual Property Rights. The meet titled “Harnessing Intellectual Property for Strategic Competitiveness - Electronics, IT & Engineering Sector (SME’s)” will be held on 31st May, 2012 in Chandigarh. 

Indian SMEs are engaged in in-house innovation of software and IT tools to become competitive globally. In the absence of adequate awareness on various forms of protection available to secure their innovations, SMEs are not able to fully exploit their innovations and in the process lose financially. This conference is aimed at creating IP awareness among such entrepreneurs and professionals in electronics, IT & engineering sectors.

The event will be addressed by experts from industry, law firms and public administration. Mr. D.P. Vaidya, Director & Head, Engineering, IPR Division, Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan, New Delhi will enlighten the audience on IP protection strategies.

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