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Compulsory licensing and price controls to ensure access to patented goods

WIPO will organise a seminar on ‘The roles of Compulsory Licensing and Price Controls in ensuring access to foreign patented goods’ as part of its seminar series titled ‘The Economics of Intellectual Property, 2012’.

The session is scheduled on 29th May, 2012, at the headquarters of WIPO, Geneva. The main speaker is Mr. Kamal Saggi, Professor of Economics and Director of the Graduate Program in Economic Development, Vanderbilt University, USA.  

The paper submitted on the topic deals with a North-South mathematical model of rights and expectations of patent holders vis-à-vis  public policy considerations as well as TRIPS flexibilities used by developing countries. Impact analysis of various options like compulsory licensing, consumer benefits, profits forgone, voluntary licensing and price controls has been provided through appropriate equations. The paper concludes that price controls and compulsory licensing are complementary tools from the perspective of the South.
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