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The Trade Marks Act, 1999 governs the registration, protection, and enforcement of trade marks in India. The law provides for the possibility of registration of words, phrases, letters, numbers, shapes, logos, pictures, colours, aspect of packaging or a combination of these, if distinctive. In addition, the common law right of passing–off, including trade dress protection is retained under Indian law. Trade Marks distinguish one's product or service from that of others', necessitating vigorous protection and enforcement for brand value and goodwill. The art of imitation is perhaps as well developed as the laws to combat it. To establish one's identity and protect it involves expert handling of the complete process of obtaining trade mark registrations, conducting trade mark conflict searches and analyses, filing and prosecuting trade mark applications, managing pre-registration and post-registration proceedings and formalities.

The cycle continues with trade mark watches, international registration of trade marks, handling trade mark oppositions and rectification, enforcement and related activities, including investigation and border protection, domain name protection and enforcement, intellectual property transactional work including assignments, licensing and franchising and intellectual property Management, including branding strategies, auditing and due-diligence services.