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The Copyright Act, 1957 grants copyright protection to any original work, be it literary, artistic or musical work, and also grants protection to software, cinematograph films, sound recordings etc. The law protects the form of expression of an idea, rather than the idea itself. As copyright law recognizes the efforts and labour of creator,s it is only fair that creators obtain the real value from such labour and efforts. At the same time, in today’s world of digitization and the growing importance of open source licensing, it is critical to view copyright protection and enforcement from various angles.

Clear insight and expert knowledge of laws are required to handle issues like initial consultation on copyrightability, registering copyright, intellectual property transactional work including assignments and licensing, advising and acting in relation to compulsory licensing proceedings, enforcement, including investigation, civil infringement litigation, pursuing criminal remedies, and border protection, intellectual property Management and due-diligence services.