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Corporate Secretarial Services

A company, as a separate legal entity and an artificial legal person, has to comply with various laws, procedures and file returns commencing from incorporation which involves drafting of a company's charter documents, preparation and filing of e-forms and documents and obtaining certificates for commencement of business. Foreign companies in India too have to comply with a plethora of provisions as in setting up and registration of the branch or liaison offices.

Regular Compliance Services involve services such as change of company name and objects, shifting of company's registered office from one state to another, revision in the authorized share capital, issuance or transfer of securities, appointment/termination/change of a company's board of directors and their remuneration. Other services under this area include preparation and filing of e-forms and documents for periodical compliances, maintenance of company's registers, convening, conducting and documenting board meetings and general body meetings.

Companies also undertake compliance audit to have a realtime assessment of their conformity to various laws and review their statutory records to detect any discrepancies or non-compliance issues. This ensures that the statutory records are maintained properly and possible penal proceedings are avoided.

The digital era has also brought online inspection to the fore. Online access and inspection of company records as well as procurement of certified copies of various electronic documents filed with the Registrar of Companies are also part of corporate secretarial services.