01 三月 2021

Farm to Food: Key Trends and Regulatory Outlook in Agritech

In our inaugural issue of LKS - IN FOCUS, we focused on key trends and regulatory outlook in the food and agritech sector. The next revolution that one is seeing in this sector is the agritech revolution which is slowly but steadily gaining momentum. A shift in the mindset of the farming community to accept and adopt technology has been a major accelerant for the sector. The current edition contains an analysis of the recent policy interventions in the food and agri-sector, namely policy revisions, climate change commitments and the role of technology towards sustainable agriculture and the outlook of the investors to the agritech sector. Other aspects such as income tax incentives to agritech companies, food safety laws, intellectual property rights of agritech companies, farmers and seed manufacturers, application of GST rates have also been covered in this edition.

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