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Intellectual Property practice in Bio-technology and life-sciences draws strength from accomplished researchers and and specialists who have experience in both university and corporate R&D settings . Patent attorneys and patent agents work closely with scientists, inventors and corporate officers to build a healthy and transparent business relationship with shorter turnaround time.

Major areas of specialization in life science and biotechnology sector include molecular biology, microbiology, cell biology, biochemical and pharmaceutical technologies, fermentation technology, immunology, neurobiology, genetic engineering, transgenics, genetically modified organisms, plant biotechnology, medical technology/engineering, oncology, breast cancer, drug screening, enzymes, food technology, vaccines, receptors, transcription factors, protein engineering, antibody design, genomics, bioinformatics, drug delivery, bioreactors and medical devices.

Drafting, filing and prosecution of Indian, PCT, US and EP patent applications for biotech and life science sector, Freedom to Operate (FTO) analysis, infringement analysis, patent invalidation, due diligence, patentability assessment, prior art searches, technology assessment patent mapping and landscaping are some of the tasks undertaken by patent agents in this domain.