Lakshmi Kumaran & Sridharan CorporateAn ISO 9001 / 27001 certified law firm


The audit and review service provided by L&S serves two purposes. It helps to ascertain compliance with the law. The second objective is to assess whether all the available incentives and benefits under the applicable law are being taken advantage of. The audit and review teams are specialized teams with each focusing on a specific area of law. The practitioners in the firm have several years of experience in providing legal advice and opinions in their individual areas of law and also complete knowledge of the various laws and compliance issues faced under the respective law. Many of the practitioners in L&S have also worked previously in Government Departments or in the industry. The advanced accounting and economics background in addition to law allows them to perform audit and review of the companies in a practically sound and effective manner.

The audit and review team prepares detailed reports for the companies outlining a variety of issues analyzed and commented upon during the audit and review of the facility. The reports are discussed extensively to appraise the clients about the practices as followed and the best practices that are followed in the industry. The audit and review process results in better management and compliance.