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Seminar in Feb-March - Customs Valuation, Investigation & Audit

The Institute of Business Laws, in association with Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan, is organizing the following seminars:

  • Customs Valuation, SVB & Transfer Pricing
  • Investigations & Audit under Excise, Service Tax & Customs Laws
Seminar on Customs Valuation, SVB & Transfer Pricing

New Delhi – 14th February 2014
Mumbai  – 5th March 2014

Customs Valuation

Importers, exporters, custom house agents, logistics providers and other stake holders have grappled with issues on Customs Valuation for a long time. The increased monitoring and tough stance by the customs authorities have compounded the issues. Adoption of rules for Customs Valuation in India on the lines of GATT Valuation Code has not made significant impact specifically in cases pertaining to inclusion of royalty & license fees and transactions between associated enterprises. More often, the latter cases are taken by Special Valuation Branch (SVB) located in Custom Houses in major cities and stakeholders are required to provide a host of documents and go through the onerous process of hearing, orders and appeals.

Transfer Pricing

The dichotomy between stance taken by tax authorities for customs valuation and transfer pricing is more prominent than ever. While Customs authorities seek to enhance the value of imported goods, Income Tax Department demands that lower transfer prices be adopted. The stakeholders need expert assistance and customised solutions for these complicated issues arising out of Customs Valuation, SVB investigations and Transfer Pricing. The seminar seeks to address the same.

Seminar on Investigations & Audit under Excise, Service Tax & Customs Laws

Bharuch – 22nd February 2014

A vast majority of assessees comply with tax laws and pay taxes diligently. However, due to complex wording of statutory provisions, contrary instructions issued by revenue authorities, conflicting judgments and also due to genuine differences in interpretation, the investigating agencies may conclude that there is loss of revenue.

The revenue agencies conduct investigations against genuine tax assessees in more or less the same way they deal with tax evaders. Requirement of deposit of the alleged short payment is also being insisted upon without giving adequate opportunity to make considered decision. This seminar will sensitise senior officials about the responsibilities in cooperating with investigating agencies and at the same time tell them of their rights during such investigations.

This seminar will also discuss various issues relating to audit by Central Excise & Service Tax department besides covering On Site Post Clearance Audit (OSPCA) by Customs.

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